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Wednesday, 5 December 2007
On fifth of day of December

From FP Magazine

 "Leveling the Battlefield"

"What's the best way to assess a country's ability to wage war? Apparently, its wages may be a good clue. Countries with greater economic equality [think modern day France and Germany] are far more likely to emerge victorious in conflicts than less egalitarian ones, according to a new article in the British journal Defence and Peace Economics. By examing the outcomes of two dozen conflicts in the second half of the 20th century, the authors found that the combatant nation with a more equitable distribution of wealth prevailed in 74 percent of wars. They then analyzed 80 additional wars stretching back to 1816. Using historical texts to determine the degree of social stratification, they found that the more socially equitable side won 80 percent of the time.

    The link between military prowess and equality may stem from several factors: military solidarity in a popular army, the fact that militaries in unequal societies are often distracted by quashing internal dissent [hmmm I wonder.....], and the existence of a poor fifth column in less egalitarian nations thay may sympathize with enemy."

    [Now we know the rally round of what they're calling these people, currently, in the states. But the point is if they exist it is a symptom of economic disparty which in turn could be a symptom of a sunsetting world power. Anyway to take this discussion further one can attempt enforce rules of stratification inorder to attempt to prevent the cracks in vase from happening but its an economic problem that will not be solved by dolling out punishment to those less economically fortunate much to the elites and sympathyzers of the elites (I wanna be like you too) dismay. So rounding up people that goverment does not like and have its agencies do well nasty to things them, might be amuzing to those who work at such agencies, but such practices will not result in anything more than what the Roman Coloseeum did for another sunsetting word power. Cheap thrills. Cheap thrills. Its a nice distraction from that which truely matters.]

 On with the story.

"But, significantly, evidence that more equal combatants generally triumph complicates the belief that free-market economic policies are likely to spell military dominance, argues James Galbraith, an economist with the University of Texas, Austin, and a coauthor of the study. Modern Israel, for example, has experienced an enormous increase in inequality in recent years, a development that, Galbraith notes, coincides with a sharp decline in the country's military effectiveness, as seen during its indecisive confrontation with Hezbollah last year. "The more we neglect the values of quality and social solidarity," says Galbraith, "the more that will be reflected in difficulty prevailing in military contests." In other words, how much a nation struggles on the battlefield may be determined simply by the number of its people struggling to get by." 



I'm liking Soros more and more. 


 Now which one is a person in the developed world, well, lets just say US most likely die of. MRSA or smallpox?


Posted by abe12uic at 9:26 PM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 5 December 2007 10:28 PM EST
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Monday, 3 December 2007
Dear Mr Director
I hate to inform you Mr Director but minus the peeping tom experiment I did a few years ago, I am saldy not a criminal. You see all those people you have following me around could be put to better use like painting over the graffiti on the walls of Cicero.

Posted by abe12uic at 7:56 PM EST
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I wonder

Hmmmm. Maybe if these guys that watch and harrass me actually did something useful maybe Stacy Peterson would have been found by now or maybe if these guys out roaming Chicago looking for the "right kind of suspects" not "suspects" of politcal/belief orientation then these two crimes wouldn't have happened.



Chicago police say two UIC students were the victims of an armed robbery that
occurred last night at 850 S. Western Avenue (off campus). According to police, the
students were walking in an alley when two offenders approached them, displayed
handguns, and demanded
money. The victims said they had no money and the offenders then forced them into a
green minivan driven by a third man. The offenders
demanded the victims' credit cards and PIN numbers. The victims
initially refused but after the offenders threatened to kill them both, the students
provided the information. The victims then were bound with tape and driven for
approximately 20-30 minutes before being released in the area of 37th and Rockwell.
The offenders took the victims' credit cards, checkbooks, and cell phones. One
victim received minor lacerations to the mouth and was treated at the UIC Medical
Center and released.

The driver of the vehicle is described as an African American male, 6-1, 170 pounds.
The other offenders were described as a white male in his 20s, 5-9, 150 pounds, and
an African American male in his 20s, 6-2, 185 pounds.

Chicago police report that a woman was sexually assaulted near the UIC
campus last night. The woman, who is not affiliated with UIC, was walking to her car
parked in the 1500 block of West Fillmore at approximately 9:30 p.m. when she was
approached by a man carrying a handgun. The man forced her into her car and made her
drive to a nearby ATM and withdraw $500 in cash. After taking the money and
returning to the car, he sexually assaulted her, then forced her to drive to the
1300 block of West Lexington where he made her park the vehicle and then sexually
assaulted her a second time. The offender then forced the woman to drive to the 1500
block of Blue Island where he exited the vehicle and fled the scene. The woman was
treated at a local hospital.

The offender is described as an African American male in his early 20s, 5-9, 165
pounds, wearing a black leather jacket, white T-shirt, blue jeans, and boots. Anyone
with information is asked to call the Chicago Police Area Investigation Division at
(312)746-8253. The general number for UIC police is (312) 996-2830 and the emergency
line is (312) 996-4357 (HELP).

Posted by abe12uic at 5:10 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 3 December 2007 5:25 PM EST
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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

I love looking at this girl that is all diesel. Which one is it? Fetish or Hardcore? Ethier or it's pure insperation.

Posted by abe12uic at 5:15 PM EST
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Self Esteem

It happens more than I'd like to admit,

Late at night she knocks on my door

She's drunk again and looking to score


I know I should say no, but it's kind of hard when she's ready to go

I maybe drunk but I'm not a dweeb

I'm just a sucker with a no self esteem 

Posted by abe12uic at 3:22 PM EST
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Monday, 5 November 2007
A new entry
It's been awhile since writing. To be honest I was probably in a state of self censorship.
Well things did happen since I stopped writing, but for now

Lets see if can we get a name that'll stick.
Now their not Nazis or Stasis because we dont live in Germany and these people are not
what I would call German hyper-nationals. So there is a void/vacuum to fill, a need for a

One thing is for sure what ever their name will be, they all fall into the category of

State Sponsored Supremacists

"A supremacist not only holds that any evidence and reasoning for his or her beliefs is
superior to any other, but that those holding such beliefs have rights over those who do

The Naperville White Table

Naperville's Fellowship of God's Covenant People

The Naperville Liberation Army

Alliance of Revolutionary Forces of Western DuPage County

Sons of Liberty Committee

United Liberation Movement of Naperville for Democracy-Amy faction

American Renaissance/New Century Foundation

The West Branch DuPage River Vigilante Movement

Women for Aryan Unity in Naperville

Naperville's Council of Conservative Citizens

Independent National Patriotic Front of Naperville

The Liberation Center for Naperville's Chosen People

When it comes to Ideologues and hyper-Nationals, they're all the same.


Got a cause of concern and dollars to burn? Join and fund a liberation movement

Source cited
(Nov/05/2007 2:00 PM)

Posted by abe12uic at 4:12 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 5 November 2007 4:14 PM EST
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Thursday, 18 October 2007
Thursday the 18th

Wednesday Oct 17
Khurt's minivan arrives form the east direction at same time as my mother arrives from
the west direction at 7:13 - 7:14 pm. My mom's cellphone is unable to call my Grandma's
home from the my grandma's drive way.

When I walk oustside I hear some people talking over on the end of Staufer Rd. Someone
yeals "{something}, yeah!" and a red car backs out with the rear of the car heading
into Hidden Spring then a dark color SUV accerlates off down Stauffer south bound. And
the red car then turns right onto Staufer south bound and acceraltes after the SUV.
The LP NO. of the red car was not captured when the opurtinunity presented itself.

<My take is that I am going to see a lot more of this stuff, since the nature of this
tatic is in a legal grey area, (as opposed to launching fireworks) that there may be few
or no direct legal methode(s) to end this sort of harrassment.>

<Anyway this sort of behavior is not the most dissruptive of things that they have down.>


Also yesterday the guy who back in September just about talked only about GH did not
mention growth hormone or anything else of that nature, on Wednesday.

<I have my suspicions that the somniloquy/hypnopedia or at least the hypnopedia has started
again because the fact that I almost never remember my dreams and that my voice of inner
conscious still remains 35% female (amy) 30% my own and 35% other male (DE& interrogator).
My normal 2004 inner conscious was 80%-95% my own voice, and at that time I would remember my
dreams on and off (about two weeks on and two weeks off. Not like now where every night I don't
remember what I was dreaming about. That and the fact that in order to have two or three in
inner conscious voices requires that the conversations between me and her or me and the other
male have to be very frequent for this to happen.>

Posted by abe12uic at 5:37 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 16 October 2007
The observation in between blog entries
First from the past.

Monday the 17 th of September time 7:10-7:20 pm
The girl 'Amy' is spotted while walking a small dog about 20-28" long on the one way
north bound street in between 500 S clinton West entrance and the Grey hound station.
She is on the east side of the lane and walks into the west entrance of the 500 S
Clinton complex.

She was wearing the blue sleaved white shirt with blue jeans. And her hair was blonde.


Monday October 15th time 6:16 - 6:22 pm
A girl with brunnet hair having a blonde streak in the hair, wearing glasses and walking
in a kyphosis posture looks over her shoulder east in the direction of me. I am walking
on the path just northeast towards Halstead & Harrison, she is walking on the North path
towards the Student residance and commons court yard. The girl is wearing a white shirt
with blue sleaves and jeans.


And for now.

The observation so far for today was that my mom's luggage was lost and had to be reported.

Posted by abe12uic at 5:12 PM EDT
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Monday, 15 October 2007
Friday + Weekend + 1/2 day

First some stuff from Friday (12th) and Sunday (14th), nothing happened on Saturday.

On Firday prior to going to the (N) police station, I see a blue car on Harrasion west bound
Prempting a left turn from me onto Racine. When I do not turn into the left lane (as to
go to my brother's) the driver skits the car out of the left turn lane and into the straight
traffic lane. I make a right turn and do no see the car till later.

At ~1:40 pm I leave the Naperville police station by making a turn left onto River road
North bound. There are cars waiting for the light to turn green on River and Aurora. The SUV
ahead of me has LP NO. SOS 1983 The vehicle is silver, and the the driver makes a right turn
onto Aurora Ave east bound.

I go to my Grandma's she is not there so I went to CoD. When I leave CoD at around 8:00 pm I
see a blue car same make and model as the one aforementioned Heading west bound on 22nd street
ahead of me. At the intersection of Lambert and 22nd I make a left turn and head south bound.
I don't see this car again.

When I get to the left turn which leads to Raymond Dr south bound I see ahead of me a Honda
Gray-brown metallic minivan making a left. When I arrive at just before my Grandma's the
minivan pulls into the Khurt's driveway. It says there with the lights on. I look over to the
right and see the SUV at 1103 Hidden Spring in the driveway with its lights on also. I get out
and go into my Grandma's. I'm in the kitchen and the then in the living then into the bathroom
where I stay for a few minutes. While I am in the the bathroom after about 2-3 minutes after I
enterd there are the sound of fireworks being launched outside. Nothing else happens for the
rest of the day.

On Sunday I went to the gym, came back to my Grandma's then after dinner went to check on the
cat's and get the mail. I arrive at around 7:30 pm at my mother's, when I check the mail it is
not in the mailbox, but when I look up into the outbound basket I see a bunch of mail addressed
to my mother. I doubt that the mail-person would leave my mother's mail there like that. Anyway
that was how it was found. I give the cats canned cat food and fill two water containers, and
then I leave.

When I get to my Grandma's driveway I stop the car and rest. Within a minute one of the Khurt's
comes out and starts the red car in their drive way and drives off in the west direction. After
another two minutes another Khurt starts the van and drives it to the sidewalk stops gets out
and 30 seconds later starts the blue car of theirs and drives it off in the east direction.
This happens at around 7:50 - 8:00 pm.

And now today.

Today as I am leaving with my grandma to go to the train station at around 7:50 am one of the
Khurt's takes their blue car and heads off in the west direction, just after I get outside. Also
a male is seen talking on the phone outside on the driveway of 1109 Hidden Spring at the same

I'm not sure about the next two observations but I'll include these anway.

On the train I see a blonde girl who looks a lot like the picture of JB she had on a white jacket
thin brown skirt 1-2 inchs past the knees, it looked to be a part of a dress. She had a red I pod
mini (or about 1 1/4 inch by 3 inch) two hand bags one larger than the other both appeared to be
brown, a green thin sweater like material covering her forearms, two silverish rings one each hand
And also she had brown thin nylon stockings and brown boots. She was standing in the doorway area
of the carts, I have my doubts that she is JB but the picture of JB and the face of the girl on
the train closely match.

Also on the train an African American lady passes out in the middle of the walkway area and the
conductor was called in to assest. The train was just about to go into the tunnel area of union
station, the area that is dark in day light.

Great news today the professor that gave me the icey shoulder said Hi today. He said it to everyone
but he still said Hi.

Also today. The guy who talks about growth hormone slipped it in only once while
I was talking to him over lunch. I asked him if he was going for 225 on the bench and he
said something like -no I'm going for 185 I would need growth hormone for that-. He also
was talking briefly about ephdra as a diet aid and mentioned that it was illegal. The nice
thing is that his conversations no longer for the most part revolve around illicit substances
in the strength and fitness world. Unforturnatly though he still mentions these things.


Posted by abe12uic at 2:41 PM EDT
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Friday, 12 October 2007
Denial of Service
The rape

OK here's what happend.

Oct 30th 2005 Before I go to sleep I smelled vaginal odor. Then it went away.
I fall asleep sometime later I awake and see Amy over my head touching my left nipple. She asks if I
know who it is and I replay "It's the girl with the Red Room 330 Apartment #7 E Vernon Avenue" She
says "yes that's me" I blank out. She removes her white stripe black nylon bants and her panties and
climbs upon me. I really smell vaginal odor very thick at this time. I am only wearing boxer shorts so
she takes my penis out and sucks it and ask that I do the same to her and I reject. After that happens
she then puts a condom over my penis climbs unto me reverse cow girl and begans to have sex with me
so as to take my virginity. I tell her that it is like as they say it is -taking a shower with a rain
coat on-  she replys 'anything for vaginal sex.' Then she takes the condom off. I allow my penis to
loose its erection so that she can't continune, that is when Mark puts his fingers into her genitals
and then puts them under my nose. I get an erection so she contiunes a little while into this I try
to rotate her off to the left and she gets upset at how flimsy her strength is even as she is raping
me. She climbs off succeding at what she wanted to do. Which was to -steal my virginity- as they're
about to leave. Aww naw I'll leave this part out. Anyway after some more stuff (nothing Male-Female)
and after threating to take my life they put me back into bead and leave. I wake up in the morning
thinking I had somesort of dream but realize that my dick was wet.....        I shrug it off, take
a shower and go about my ordinary life.

A few days later when I'm conscious and down in Normal I was bragging about my virginity and how my
first time would be better than her's and she shouted back "I stole your viginity, remember?"  


Today I went to the Naperville Police and reported that. But they sent some investigator in tear down
my story, accuse me of making it up. After reading my story he attacked my mental health even though
there was nothing in the story that would raise a mental health flag (In other words he knows that his
purpose there was to descredit me and intmediate me into signing some statement about how the story was
some fantsy of mine, rather than help me in anyway.) He also told me that there are no statue of
limitations on rape, even though Illinois seems have some sort of 2 years clause (that may have changed
but I dont know), and he said that my story isn't credibal because I waited until now to file, because
even if someone who commited a misdeamenor such as vouyerism would not go to jail if they went to the
police to tell them that they where raped. (I don't believe this because the Naperville police came
down hard on brother with an arresst warrent (for a misdeamenor) for telephone harrasment becasue
admitted to doing so under investigation.

**Other's beware** The biggest intmmedation tatic (the biggest gun in his asernal) was the filing a
false police report, and stating that this is a felony offense and trying to make me feel like I was
there have fun with the police at their time expense. Thus he implied if the assailant denied the
alegations I would come under scrutiny and by having a medical record I wouldn't be believed. It was
pretty scary.


Pragmatically the case would be a word against word fight because I washed the evidence off (stupid me).
Thus the case would be time consuming and not likely to end in any sort of helpfull outcome.


But going to the police did produce some usefull evidence. In my stalking reports against Amy they
apparently deny that she exists as opposed to acknowlegde her. (Yes Amy is a real person (or at least an
alasis of one)). Kind of makes you wonder what are the Police up to after all?



People that have been antagonized against me and when.

Geoff     Sep 2005

Gabe O.   Oct 2005
Lauren    Oct 2005
Kelly     Oct 2005

Candice   Nov 2005
Tenesha   Nov 2005
Tenesha's BF  Nov 2005

Crissy    May 2006
Brad      May 2006
Bret      May 2006
Brianna   May 2006


The list ends here due to the fact that the other people are in an <ongoing status>

Posted by abe12uic at 4:44 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 12 October 2007 4:50 PM EDT
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